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We contribute to the public conversation about policy, design, and infrastructure relating to issues of urbanism.

Safe Bicycle Infrastructure

We’re advocating for better and safer bicycle infrastructure in Syracuse. This begins with our Syracuse Bike Infrastructure Survey. Fill out our survey below!

The I-81 Working Group

We’re working on developing a series of suggestions for improvements to the NYSDOT I-81 Project designs in Syracuse. The Syracuse Urbanism Club’s official statement on this topic will be available soon. To learn more about this project, visit


The Syracuse Urbanism Club aims to improve our city by activating and making direct improvements to public spaces throughout the community.

The M. Lemp Park Project

The first project of the Syracuse Urbanism Club is to make improvements to and activate M. Lemp Park in Downtown Syracuse. More updates will be available soon.

The Syracuse Urbanism Club held a design charrette for the M. Lemp Park Project at our July 2023 general meeting, asking teams to implement common responses from our community survey. Images from the charrette are below.