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We contribute to the public conversation about policy, design, and infrastructure relating to issues of urbanism.

I-81 Viaduct Project Public Comment

We’re advocating for a series of suggestions for improvements to the NYSDOT I-81 Project designs in Syracuse. The Syracuse Urbanism Club’s official statement is available now. To learn more about the NYSDOT’s I-81 Viaduct Project, visit

Communities Over Highways Call for Action Letter

We signed on to a coalition of 195 organizations calling for a moratorium on highway expansions. You can read the letter in the attached document below. The letter was picked up by media such as Streetsblog and The Washington Post!

Safe Bicycle Infrastructure

We’re advocating for better and safer bicycle infrastructure in Syracuse. Stay tuned for more updates soon!


The Syracuse Urbanism Club aims to improve our city by activating and making direct improvements to public spaces throughout the community.

Onondaga Creekwalk Wayfinding

We applied for a grant through TNT Syracuse to improve wayfinding along the Onondaga Creekwalk via signage painted on the ground. Our project narrative is available below.

Mini Meadows

The Syracuse Urbanism Club is currently working on a program to place native plantings in public spaces throughout the city.

Northern Creekwalk Connector

We’ve applied to Syracuse’s Community Streets Program to add a missing link of protected bike lane between the Onondaga Lake Trail and Creekwalk for one block along hiawatha, as well as several crosswalks and curb extensions to enable safe pedestrian access between Destiny USA / the Creekwalk, Washington Square, and CNY Regional Market. Our project narrative is available below.

SWAG Bike Festival

The Syracuse Urbanism Club is putting together our city’s first Women’s and Gender Nonconforming People’s Bike Fest. This will be a welcoming space for women and gender nonconforming people to ask questions and learn from each other. The bike fest can provide educational opportunities and community for both those new to and experienced with cycling. More details will be available soon.

The M. Lemp Park Project

The first project of the Syracuse Urbanism Club is to make improvements to and activate M. Lemp Park in Downtown Syracuse. More updates will be available soon.

The Syracuse Urbanism Club held a design charrette for the M. Lemp Park Project at our July 2023 general meeting, asking teams to implement common responses from our community survey. Images from the charrette are below.