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Onondaga Creekwalk Wayfinding

Project Overview

Members of Syracuse Urbanism Club have initiated a project to improve wayfinding on the Onondaga Creekwalk. Our goal is to enhance the trail’s user-friendliness, making it more accessible and navigable for residents and visitors.

We will be painting large ground markings along the trail to guide people on the path, as well as markings to connect people to neighborhoods, parks, and landmarks throughout the city. (The designs are still in progress, see below if you would like to help with them!)

We have submitted a grant application to TNT Syracuse to cover material costs, and are also seeking funding from local businesses and organizations.

In the spring we will deploy a small team of volunteers to implement the plan.

See our project application below:

How you can help!

Ground marking designs: We are still in the process of designing the markings that will eventually be painted onto the trail, and could use the help of some savvy graphic designers! If you’ve got some design skills and want to contribute to making our city a better place, here’s an opportunity! We’ve got a list of design criteria and are looking for some design concepts! (contact us below)

Making stencils: We are still in search for the most efficient and cost effective way to make large stencils for applying the paint. If you have access to large sheets of material (~4x4ft, 2x4ft, somewhere around there) that could be used for stencils (ideally light weight and portable, think flexible plastic sheets), and/or a machine/tool that could be used to cut out the stencils, please let us know! It would be a huge help! (contact us below)

Funding: We are still in the process of securing full funding for the project, so if you know of any local businesses or organizations that might want to contribute let us know! (contact us below)

Volunteer day: Once the weather gets warm and our plans are finalized, we will be choosing a day to hit the trail and implement our plans. If you’d like to be part of the effort, subscribe to our email list and we’ll notify you when the day comes!

Contact us!

Fill out the form below to connect with or join this project! The project manager is Javier Zavaleta.