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Mini Meadows

Our Goal:

To establish attractive, well-designed plantings (whether actual meadow mix or just wildflowers) that target grass lawn with a plan for maintenance and long-term sustainability. Volunteer led, implemented, and maintained with a commitment to community involvement and neighborhood leadership.

July 2024 Update:

We’ve created an outline of Loguen Park (below) that anyone can fill in with their ideas of future meadow areas, amenities, paths, artwork, etc. Anyone who wants to draw their ideas on meadow and amenity locations, including their thoughts/notes, can then send it over to so we can incorporate your feedback.

Here are some photos of our progress at Loguen Park! We installed the gardens by this staircase.

April 2024 Update:

Contact Us:

Contact with the subject “Mini Meadows” to connect with us or join the project!

Project Manager: Kevin Race, reachable at